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Did you know if your company does or has done qualifying Research and Development, you will be entitled to tax reliefs resulting in either; a cash refund for overpaid company tax, a reduction in company tax now and for future years or an immediate cheque to cover some of the costs of the research and development. The R&D Company can help.


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Why you should claim!

The tax relief works by uplifting the direct costs of the research and development by 130%. If your costs for the research amounted to £100,000, your taxable profit would be reduced by a further £130,000 meaning you save tax or should have tax refunded of £26,000.

What is R&D?

This is not limited to work done by pharmaceutical, precision engineering, bio-tech, chemical or mechanical companies. Any company that invests management time, overheads and third party costs to achieve a competitive advantage should make a claim for tax relief.

How we can help?

We will try to fully understand your business objectives to identify and support a claim for Research and Development tax relief. We will also help you to capture all the costs of the research to maximise your claim now and going forward.

Do I qualify?

If your company has developed, adapted, improved, or integrated products, systems, or processes then there is a good chance you qualify for R&D tax relief.

“Being an online furniture retailer we thought that R&D tax relief only applied to new scientific products but when Howard Worth explained that it applied to our integrated order, supply, delivery system to deliver furniture to the exact customer requirements, we were delighted with the refund and on-going tax savings. The process was straightforward with only an overview of the claimed required from ourselves following the initial meeting. I would highly recommend Howard Worth for their pro-active accountancy methods and exceptional service standards.”

Online Furniture Retailer

“R&D was something I knew little about and I thought it was something big global companies took part in. After a brief conversation with Tim Lwin we quickly realised we had a product that would qualify. Again I thought this would be a long drawn out process that would take many months, even years. Within 8 weeks our claim has gone through and we are expecting a substantial amount of money back from HMRC. I would recommend any person or company that manufactures anything to have a 1-2-1 with Tim and see what you may be entitled to.”


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