A National Fleet Operations Company

Development of a bespoke fleet management system to bring the supply chain together and meet customers’ needs

The company has been in business for fifteen years and specialises in providing fleet management services to businesses.
We identified as qualifying R&D, activities undertaken where:


  • They worked with a specialist software provider to further develop their existing software to include multiple systems which facilitate an advancement in the existing fleet management technology.
  • Using a combination of IT flexibility, data integration and highly skilled people, the company wanted to bring the supply chain together to create a bespoke fleet management service designed to meet the customers’ specific needs
  • The company worked with specialist software developer to develop a vehicle configurator. The car configurator has real-time access to every new car and LCV available in the UK to include vehicle images, technical specifications, performance data, and all optional extras. The company car policy, grade structure, and ordering rules etc. are created in the bespoke ordering tool to ensure 100% compliance. Drivers have access to only the vehicles they can order. Drivers can compare vehicles in the showroom including standard and optional specification, images, BIK impacts, and driver contributions.
  • The order is processed through to delivery within the system, so orders are tracked online by the driver or fleet manager.
  • The driver management system MOVE with its 3 core elements ensures that the drivers using the fleet are connected, wherever they are in the world.
  • It has the ability to be proactive by facilitating and implementing change very quickly, to accept data from all suppliers in a variety of formats and to integrate all fleet data and produce reports that deliver powerful and easy to access fleet analysis.
  • The various requirements of the 2 groups of end users i.e. the company and the end customer have to be built and rebuilt step by step into the software, checking that each criteria is within the requirement of the user for Fleet Operations. There are numerous different variables, all of which have to be built into the software.
The R and D Company research and development tax relief

Tax benefit: Saving £26,000

The R&D claim led to cash saving of over £26,000.