Aerospace Company

Development of a system to transmit high speed data carrying HDSDI video over varying lengths of 100 Ohm Quadrax cable

The company specialises in the design of both internal and external camera solutions for aircraft surveillance for the public transport (Airliner) sector.
These products are used for Cabin Surveillance, Cockpit Door Security, Cargo Bay Surveillance, External Viewing and Visual Smoke Detection in various aircraft locations.

 We identified as qualifying R&D, activities undertaken where they were: 

  • Making an advance in the field of science and technology by creating a successful and reliable system to transmit high speed data carrying HDSDI video over several and varying lengths of 100 Ohm Quadrax Cable. In this instance, in a commercial aircraft using both hardware and software techniques.
  • Software for the unique ‘frame grab’ algorithm to isolate corrupted data packets and corresponding Hardware to utilise and match the receive network with a new Microchips™ receive chip / processor.
  • The end goal was to have an unbroken (solid not offensive) high definition picture displayed on the FV-0877 monitor of the Boeing 777 Extended Range aircraft from the FV-0477 camera regardless of the poor quality of 100Ohm Quadrax cable or the quality of its installation on the flight line at Boeing Seattle. The previous situation was causing severe delays in the sign off and acceptance of a $350M aircraft as the system was mandatory. The 100Ohm Quadrax cable was ‘fixed’ and could not be changed.
  • This enables the company to achieve commercial competitiveness by being in an Unique position in civil aerospace as this solution has enabled AD Aerospace to have a unique robust system to offer our export customers around the world who want to retro-fit the Direct View system into older aircraft which in turns saves the customer one more cabin staff and the associated costs that implies. No other company in this sector has an approved HDSDI Direct View
  • Reducing weight on a commercial airplane reduces fuel usage and over a one year period is very significant. According to Boeing 73 miles per gallon per passenger.

The R and D Company research and development tax relief

Tax benefit: Saving £35,000

The R&D claim led to cash saving of over £35,000.