In the current economic climate, where many things are uncertain, some businesses have been able to demonstrate resilience, innovation and adaptation of their processes, allowing them to continue trading.

Through previous work on their systems or work undertaken more hastily and recently, businesses may have incurred costs that could be used to submit a claim for R&D Tax relief. This could lead to a tax refund of thousands of pounds.

We have come up with some ideas around the types of activity that could potentially be claimed for under the Government’s Research & Development tax relief scheme.

Does your business now offer a delivery option? What systems and processes have you adopted and integrated to make this possible? Consider software development, online ordering systems, payment processing, stock control.

Have you created, expanded or enhanced your business online? Are you now selling your products via your current or new website? Have you increased your efficiency and capacity for online business? Do you have a new or updated ordering facility?

Do you have two or more of your systems integrated through API technology? Has this helped your business continue trading through the current economic restrictions?

Have you developed a cashless and/or contactless way of running your business to keep to the governments guidance around reducing physical contact?

Have you developed a new App for your business?

It’s not just current costs that can be considered for R&D claims, activity can be backdated for up to 2 years, so it is worth considering if any previous investments in staff time, overheads and third party costs have given your business a competitive advantage and kept you trading at this time.

If you have any questions about making a claim or the type of activity that qualifies – please contact our specialist team who will be happy to help.

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