Race Car Constructor

Development of innovative control systems for motorsports vehicles.

We identified as qualifying R&D, activities undertaken where:


  • The High Speed EV logging and Battery controller solutions and Sensory / Haptic Feedback solutions for motor racing and potentially other sporting applications were being developed.
  • Different basic technologies had to be evaluated to provide the stimulus ranging from military grade Tactors, Piezo actuators, and Vibration motors – both ERM and LRA
  • Controller boards had to be designed and prototyped to support 24 actuators to be attached to a fire proof vest, with 12 on the front and 12 on the back providing specific feedback as different patterns via an Electronic Control Unit ( ECU ), based on chassis and inertial signals.
  • The development has also involved the development of a bespoke simulation and monitoring environment, to allow for processing the source signals, and the analysis of signals and simulation of the patterns to be produced, including driving the Haptic vest.
The R and D Company research and development tax relief

Tax benefit: Saving £17,000

The R&D claim led to cash saving of over £17,000.