In the current economic climate, where many things are uncertain and many farming businesses are struggling, we wanted to contact you about how R&D tax relief could raise additional income for your business at this challenging time.

Research and Development or R&D tax relief is available to any limited company that invests staff time, director time, materials, direct overheads or third-party costs to improve, develop, adapt a system, process or product.

It’s not just a tax relief for companies that employ scientists in white coats, it can be accessed by Farmers making improvements to systems and processes increasing the efficiency of the day to day running of their farm.

Some examples of work that could apply for R&D tax relief include –

  • Development or experimentation with new feeds or feeding techniques for livestock.
  • Development and experimentation with new breeding techniques.
  • Development of new ways to prevent or control disease, infections or insect pests.
  • Improving farming techniques to increase yield, quality and/or production efficiency.
  • Robotic technology (say drones) in mechanising a particular task or operation.
  • Development of new disease resistant crops or livestock.
  • Improvements in harvesting techniques and cycle times
  • Efforts to optimize treatment and management of farm wastes in an energy efficient manner.

If you have undertaken any of the activities mentioned above or anything similar, please contact our R&D experts and they will verify if you can make a claim for your activity.

Claims can be back dated for up to 2 years from the end of the accounting period, so now more than ever, it is worth contacting our team to see if we can help you to access this important tax relief and obtain cash refunds for overpaid tax.

Successful claims can lead to cash refunds and payments now of thousands of pounds that could make a real difference to your farming business in these uncertain economic times.

To contact our R&D team with any questions or queries, you can click here to email or please call 01606 369000.

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