Software Publishing Company

Development of Asset Investment Manager The company specialises in software publishing.

We identified as qualifying R&D, activities undertaken where:

  • The company was involved in creating a new software framework for the AIM software which would allow the user interface (UI) to be defined by the software application database and:
    • Be efficient in terms of server processing, response times and html/client page size;
    • Be fully customisable to the project’s specific needs;
    • Be flexible in terms of UI result/response;
    • Be based on existing ASP.Net/C# technology.
    • Reduce code maintenance
  • Significantly improve the software “usability”
  • Significantly improve the software technical functionality.
  • Develop an analytics engine that makes better use of server resources and is significantly faster and more efficient than the existing approach
  • As no web application software framework was known that would achieve all objectives, a new framework had to be developed which require a significant amount of new and modified code.
  • The implementation of a new and significantly improved analytics engine was a particularly uncertain part of the project due to technological challenges that have never been implemented before. Implementation required bespoke development of algorithms that converts the Oracle PL/SQL programming syntax to Java syntax.
The R and D Company research and development tax relief

Tax benefit: Saving £33,000

The R&D claim led to cash saving of over £33,000 over 2 years.