Storage and Distribution Company

Development of the bespoke warehouse management system tailored to the company’s specific customers’ needs enabling the company to complete the warehousing and order picking for internet retailers and accommodating the products carried under specialised licences.

We identified as qualifying R&D, activities undertaken where:


  • A bespoke warehouse management system was being developed
  • A MHRA medical licenced warehouse system was being developed with full temperature control where the temperature monitoring was linked to the warehouse management system and meets MHRA licence requirements
  • Further development and upgrading of HAZ goods facility to achieve Upper tier COMAH licence.
  • Further development of the warehouse management system and safety and environment systems to ensure correct segregation of goods is fully visible, development safety system to avoid product contaminating other product and the environment
  • Development of a bespoke tracking system with proof of delivery App and live truck camera tracking.
  • Providing customers with a full high level security tracking system reducing the likelihood of items being lost or stolen.
The R and D Company research and development tax relief

Tax benefit: Saving £19,000

The R&D claim led to cash saving of nearly £19,000.