Supply and Delivery of Ink Cartridges Company saves £100k by claiming R&D Tax Relief

Howard Worth R&DCo completed a substantial claim for a company involved in the supply and delivery of Ink Cartridges to the domestic and commercial market.

The company aims to provide numerous quantities of products and product lines to numerous customers within their specified time requirements.

After researching current eCommerce platforms, no existing products and providers could cope with the volume and frequency of orders. Therefore, the company decided to build its own bespoke eCommerce product that:

  • Accelerated the order process for multiple orders

  • Provided support for multi-currency, multi-delivery, multi-warehouse operations

In conjunction with the eCommerce platform, the company built a bespoke CRM to ensure that increased orders were maintained, repeat order requests were undertaken, upgrades automatically offered and monitored client satisfaction on product performance and delivery.

Overall, the company claimed tax savings of around £100k by claiming enhanced tax relief for the salaries and pensions of the staff involved in the development of the eCommerce platform and the staff involved in the order, supply and delivery chain to test the eCommerce platform and CRM system.

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The R and D Company research and development tax relief

Tax benefit: Saving £100,000

The R&D claim led to cash saving of £100,000.